Last week, our team had a ball helping Qatar Airways promote their very first flight from Perth! The airline will connect Perth-ians via its hub in Doha with destinations like London, New York and Paris as well as Stuttgart, Montreal, Sofia, Oslo, Benghazi, Washington DC, Chicago, Budapest, Brussels and Bucharest.

At the moment the service from Perth runs three days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Qatar Airways have plans to have 119 planes and fly to more than 120 destinations by the end of next year.

As many of you know, Sandra is something of a travel guru so we asked her about her experience flying on Qatar Airways. “Their business class is the best I’ve ever flown,” she says. “It was superb, I’m not sure what I enjoyed most – the flat beds with the comfy mattress and cosy pyjamas, the gentle attentive service or the gourmet food.

“All their food is actually prepared on board, so it’s like eating in a 5-star restaurant. Plus there are over 1000 different entertainment options.”

Sandra says she spent a lot of her flight catching up on episodes of the TV show Revenge! “The toilets are also huge and full of mirrors, so I found it great for touching up the make up,” she says.