This week is about celebrating the cultural diversity of the office – and what a diverse office we have! Amongst our staff are cultures from across the globe, including Italian, Irish, Scottish, South African, Australian and Ukrainian.


Our Director, Sandra Devahasdin, shares her cultural background and a picture of her two sons.


“I was born in a little town in Scotland called St Andrews. I was brought up in a very close knit family, where grandparents, aunts and uncles were very much part of the upbringing along with mum and dad.

We lived from the land. My granddad would fish for crabs and clams and we grew our own fruit and vegetables as well as enjoying wild fruits on our walks along the ‘braes’.

Everybody in the community was involved in our life in some way and it created a happy and very memorable childhood.”


A famous Scottish dish that Sandra enjoyed throughout her childhood was ‘Stovies”, also known as ‘bits from the stove’, which is made up of meat and veg, fat and gravy from the leftover Sunday roast. Follow this link to make your own Scottish Stovies: