From Sandra Devahasdin:

“A close friend of mine, Yvonne Renshaw, yesterday returned safely from Nepal where natural disaster struck the beautiful South Asian country.

Inspirational Yvonne, who climbed to MT. Everest’s base camp only a week ago, had been volunteering with N V Nepal Orphanage (located 40 minutes outside of Kathmandu) when the earthquake hit. She tells of her ordeal when, as she took a boy from N V Nepal for a walk, they were both thrown to the ground and shook like ‘being trapped in a huge swell in the ocean’.

Yvonne returned with the young boy to the orphanage whilst aftershocks continued to bounce them around like rag dolls. There, she saw how structurally the building looked okay however, internally, everything including the few items that brought the children much joy – such as their music system and TV set – were smashed to pieces.

Yvonne told how the children waited patiently in a field neighbouring their home, playing football, in between the aftershocks of what was one of the most devastating earthquakes in their county’s history.

Yvonne was one of the lucky ones. She was able to make contact with her loved ones and return to Western Australia physically unscathed however with the faces of the little children from N V Nepal etched in her memory.

Yvonne has set up a bank account to call on people to donate to this orphanage to allow them to recoup what they have lost, to give the children back the few items that we take for granted.

Details are below. Please give whatever you can afford.”

BSB:                            086 – 006

Account Number:    24 – 551 – 3971

Account name:         Yvonne Renshaw on behalf of N V Nepal Orphanage


Sites around the N V Nepal Orphanage

Sites around the N V Nepal Orphanage