Tuesday 30th June marks the 6th anniversary of World Social Media Day, as industries around the globe continue to celebrate the digital revolution – a prized possession in the world of communications.


Social Media has changed the way businesses are able to connect locally and globally, in real-time, to share vision, flare, news and events. Customer loyalty and feedback has been fostered across social media platforms and businesses are able to develop greater relationships with the public.


At Devahasdin we are not shy to incorporate social media, as a way of communication, as we recognise the value it has when promoting, educating and sharing our client’s message.


Below are 5 ways you can transform your business with social media:

  • Sales to Relationships: building relationships by communicating your businesses brand and personality, as opposed to sales driven objectives.
  • Impersonal to Personal: whether your business is an extensive or small enterprise, social media allows all acts to become personal – no matter the size.
  • From Controlled to Individualised: through social media efforts, businesses can focus on ‘being themselves’ and allow employees the freedom to create a face for the brand, as opposed to controlled and nameless efforts.
  • Nowhere to Everywhere: social media allows efficient, timely and convenient communication for both businesses and customers, that can be accessed everywhere.
  • From Liabilities to Assets: social media allows for transparent communication between businesses and stakeholders. Therefore the traditional idea of information sharing as a liability is now an asset that fosters trust and integrity.


We would love to hear how social media has been transformational in the way you connect.